Frequently Asked Questions

Will the competition be held in person?

Regional Rounds and the Final Oral Round are planned to be held in person. However, ELSA International keeps monitoring the situation and will share all the information with participating teams in the case of any change.

How many members may a team have?

The team may consist of two to four members.

Are only students eligible to participate?

Yes, only students enrolled in bachelors' or masters’ studies from a school or law faculty awarding a law degree are allowed to take part in the competition.

May students coming from different universities form a team together?

As the main rule, all participants must be from the same university. However, special authorisation can be granted by the Vice President in charge of Competitions of the International Boad of ELSA. For this purpose, the team must send a specific request to helgapedersen@elsa.org.

Are teams from previous editions eligible to participate?

If the team did not take part to the Final Oral Round in Strasbourg or to the Virtual Final Oral Round, it is eligible to participate to the present edition.

Who are team coaches? Are they mandatory?

Team coaches can be fellow students, professors, lawyers or former participants; they may only assist the team in general discussions concerning the case, linguistic matters or presentational skills and shall not give any substantive advice. They are not mandatory and teams may have a maximum of two coaches.

What are clarification questions?

Each team registered to the competition may submit up to three clarification questions concerning the case, that will be forwarded and answered by the Case Author. Clarification requests must be submitted via the form on the website within the given deadline.

How many submissions must each team draft?

Each team is expected to draft two Written Submissions: one for the Applicant and one for the Respondent.

What are Regional Rounds?

Regional Rounds are mandatory qualification rounds. Each team must take part in one Regional Round, and the results from the Regional Round count towards to selection of the teams going to the Final Oral Round.

Which fees do teams have to pay?

Teams are liable to pay the team registration fee of € 100.00 as well as the Regional Round fee of €100 per participant and €120 per coach. Furthermore, teams qualifying for the Final Oral Round must pay the fee for participation therein.