Registration Form

11th edition Team Registration Form

The registration will be open until 30 October 2022, 23:59 CET. Please fill in all the mandatory fields. Please note that you will not be guaranteed a place in the Competition until you have paid the registration fee. Good luck to all teams!
  • General Team Information

  • Please note that only one team per university may enrol in the Competition. Please make sure that you are authorised to sign up as the team from your university.
  • Team Member 1 (mandatory)

  • Team Member 2 (mandatory)

  • Team Member 3 (optional)

  • Team Member 4 (optional)

  • Team Coaches

  • Team Captain

  • The Team Captain will be in charge of all communication with ELSA and will be ELSA's contact point during the entire competition. Please note that coaches may not be Team Captains.
  • The e-mail used by ELSA to contact the team throughout the entirety of the competition.
  • Invoice

  • Please indicate the name and surname of the person to whom the invoice for the registration fee should be issued
  • Please provide us with the physical address of the invoice receiver.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Please note that we do not guarantee that you will be assigned to your preferred Regional Round and you will be liable for the financial obligations of the Regional Round assigned to you regardless of your preference.
  • Check forms

  • Please read the Privacy Policy of the 11th Edition via this link: https://files.elsa.org/AA/EHRMCC/11th_edition/HPMCC_Privacy_Policy_11th_edition.pdf
  • Please read the Rules of the 11th Edition via this link: https://files.elsa.org/AA/EHRMCC/11th_edition/HPMCC_Rules_11th_edition.pdf